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Making Money At Blogging

Written by admin on Friday, January 28th, 2011

making money at blogging

Make Money From Blogs-2 Ways Internet Marketers Do It

To make money from blogs you have to go about things in the right way. It is possible to supplement your income, or even create a very large income as a blogger. In this article we will talk about two ways Internet marketers make money on the Internet today from their blogs.


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1. Build a theme blog.

With this approach you concentrate on developing a very large blog around a targeted theme. It could be a specific niche or it could be a broad based theme.

For example you could start a blog on golfing and develop it into all kinds of different articles about golf. You could also start a niche blog and focus on one aspect of golfing such as putting.

Themed blogs are developed around building a keyword list of several hundred or even thousands of keyword phrases. The more phrases you come up with the more potential blog pages you can build.

The more pages you build the more the search engines begin to recognize you as having a large theme blog. It’s not uncommon for a large blog like this to rank highly on Google for thousands of different keyword phrases.

The more pages you have on page 1 of Google the more traffic your blog will get. This is the first step to making money from a blog like this.

The other part of this is to monetize your blog with affiliate products. Some bloggers choose to focus strictly on having Google Adsense ads on their blog.

There is no selling involved with this. Google pays out hundreds of millions of dollars in affiliate commissions every year.

You make money when people click on the Google ads. This is as easy as adding some code to your blog. If you have a WordPress blog they even have a plug-in can use for that.

2. Build a virtual blogging empire.

Your goal here is to develop as many different blogs targeting specific niches as you can.

There are Internet marketers that have several hundred blogs they make money on every month. You are building a virtual empire of blogs that can earn you money month after month.

The more blogs you have the more income that they can bring to you. Monetizing your blog with affiliate products is something you can do.

You can add banner ads for various affiliate products relating to the theme of the blog. Many bloggers will join and to come up with products to sell.

These are two ways Internet marketers make money from blogs. You can build a very large themed blog and make money on one blog. Or you can develop hundreds of niche blogs and make a little bit of money on multiple blogs.

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