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10 Powerful Strategies to Make Money Blogging

Written by admin on Thursday, July 21st, 2011

10 POWERFUL Strategies to Make Money Blogging

The question of “How to make money blogging” sits high on every online business entrepreneur and blogger’s mind. It’s a fact of life that most start-ups will fail in the first 3 years, and online businesses are no different. Blogs are often quite difficult to make profitable as most often the bloggers are not actually selling anything, unlike say an online store – and most blogs give away their most valuable commodity – information –  for free. Fact is, it’s just not as easy as some “Gurus” would have you believe, at least not anymore. Just like any business,  it takes hard work, knowledge and a lot of effort to succeed online today.

But there are things you can do right now to make money online. Whilst some may take longer than others to show any substantial profits, others should take less time – the key is to have a few strategies in place, that way some of the slower ones can mature whilst others that are quicker to take off can “prop up’ your business in the meantime. It will also mean that if one stream of revenue suddenly disappears you are somewhat protected  (eg: You are relying on Google AdSense for money, and then suddenly your blog is banned, or as happened recently and is still ongoing, Google are re-structuring their accounts and some blogs have been without any ads for weeks & face up to 6 weeks without any Google ads).


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The worst thing you can do if your business or blog is not doing well is to do nothing. Another thing you should avoid when things are bad is to blame it on some factor such as the economy, or your lack of money, technical skills or similar such excuses. Lots of ordinary people ARE making money online, and so can you.

Here’s just some of the things you can begin doing right now to start making your blog or website profitable;


Money Blog

Here are nine strategies in which you can make money blogging.

1. Make Money Blogging by Selling Advertising Space

Before Blogs, we had e-zines. Selling advertising space on e-Zines was a popular way to earn extra money. Today a lot of bloggers sell advertising space via large Ad Networks such as Buy Sell Ads, Advertising Space and others. Another popular advertising company that helps Bloggers look for advertisers is Blogads (

You can also sell your advertising space directly – that way you get to keep 100% of the profit all to yourself.

If you are blogging on WordPress blogging platform then the best way to manage & sell your adverting space directly is to use the OIO Publisher plugin (although you don’t have to have a WordPress Blog to use it – it can also be installed on a server and used as a standalone application). OIO Publisher is  the best WordPress plugin available today for displaying and managing your banner ads, plus it does much more than just manage banners – it will also manage & display your text links, contextual ads (ads placed within your articles), and paid reviews. Plus there is an OIO Publisher Marketplace too where OIO users  can advertise and sell their advertisement space.

If you are interested in learning more about OIO Publisher plugin you can read more about it here…..


Social Media Marketing Services -  100% Fully Managed for You! - Perfect for Busy Webmasters and Websites or Blogs That Need Social Media Marketing Presence Without Any Effort

And of course besides placing advertisers ads on your Blog, you can also make money Blogging by placing Google AdSense into your Blog.


2. Make Money Blog by providing services

If you are technical you can also earn money blogging by providing services, such as helping people to set up their Blogs or providing your own Blog hosting service. If you are not technical then perhaps there is some type of service that your visitors need or would find useful that you could provide via another company in return for a percentage…..


3. Make Money Blog by setting up joint venture marketing

Joint Venture marketing is a powerful marketing strategy employed by many top online marketers.

Basically how a joint venture works is this: You agree to promote person Y’s products to your subscriber/ customer list, and you get a percentage of  any sales that come from this promotion.

If you have substantial traffic to your Blog you can both promote or endorse certain products to each of your Blog readers, and then split the profits from the sales generated.

You can also swap ads on each others Blogs as well. Instead of paying up front for advertising space you both gain new traffic and exposure for free.

4. Make Money Using the Membership Blog model

If your blog has lots of good quality content & reasonable to heavy traffic then you can consider turning it (or even just a part of it)  into a membership site and charge your members a small fee to access it, again giving you another avenue for profit.


Social Media Marketing Services -  100% Fully Managed for You! - Perfect for Busy Webmasters and Websites or Blogs That Need Social Media Marketing Presence Without Any Effort


5. Make Money Blog by turning your products into income streams.

Another way in which you can make Money from your Blog is to either create something from scratch or repackage some of your Blog contents into an e-book or an and then sell them via your blog or in a marketplace such as ClickBank.

You could also create an audio product and sell that (……remember, lots of people buy audio books, some because they have to and others buy them just because they prefer audio).

If you run your own Pod-casting show or an ‘online radio show’, then you could easily compile your podcast recordings into a CD compilation and sell them.

You could also create some videos, or even screen-casts (such as screen-cast tutorials). Lots of people have made money via YouTube videos, and they are a great method for attracting more free traffic to your blog, too…


6. Earn Money by Promoting Affiliate Products

Affiliate Programs can be very lucrative if you choose wisely and select something that compliments your blog / target audience / niche, but be careful & select your affiliate partners carefully – there are some no-so-honest one’s out there who make money by making it very hard for their affiliates to get their hands on their commissions (such as setting payout levels so high it will take you forever before you get paid…… ) or some are just plain shifty. You will also need to make sure the product is good, otherwise it will reflect badly on you, and on your blog.


7. Make Money Drop-Selling….

If you can’t make products yourself, and if you aren’t comfortable being a video star, and if you don’t have lots of money to buy inventory stock to sell on your website or blog, then you could sell products via Drop-Shipping.

Drop-Shipping requires little or no outlay (some drop-shippers require an upfront or monthly fee, but most reputable ones wont) and with drop-shipping you don’t need to buy any of the goods up-front. You simply promote the products on your website or blog and the drop-shipper, usually the manufacturer or a “middle-man”, will process your orders for you. You just need to forward the orders and he goods will be packaged and invoiced out to your customers directly from the Drop-Shipper. You usually will pay a bit more than wholesale for the goods, but the benefits far outweigh the slightly lower profit margins.


8. Earn money via Surveys

Some companies will pay bloggers to run surveys on their blogs. Again, you’ll need to make sure the company is honest and ethical, and you will also need to avoid anything which will annoy your visitors so much that they leave, but some surveys might be OK.

You usually need to have a reasonable large amount of web traffic to make surveys and similar such ventures profitable.


9. Earn Money Via Social Marketing…

You can make money via social networks, such as Twitter. If you have a large Twitter following then you can add some paid advertisements or affiliate products into your Tweets.


9. Earn Money From Displaying Videos…

If you display lots of videos on your blog and you have a reasonable amount of web traffic, then you can also insert some advertisements into your videos (often referred to as “Pre-Roll” and “Post-Roll” ads – they are usually shown before and after videos.


10. Earn Money From Your Downloads…

If you have downloads section on your blog & your blog gets a lot of web traffic, then you can also insert advertisements into your downloads process. Many blogs will make a visitor wait a few seconds before they can download a free download whilst an advertisement is played, and that way the visitor is getting something they want and the blog is earning something in return.


Well, that’s just 10 ways that you can make money from your blog, but there are many other ways too. So what are you waiting for!

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