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How To Create Blogging Community

Written by admin on Tuesday, January 25th, 2011

how to create blogging community

Blogging Secrets – Tips on Creating Blogs That Generate Continuous Profits!

What’s the main reason people visit your blog? What makes one blog more interesting compared to the next? And why are certain blogs more often visited than others? In this article I’m going to give you some answers to these questions and several tips you can apply instantly. With a bit of action you will apply these tips in your blog and be on your way to blogging success.


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There are a few main reasons people visit your blog. The main reason is because your blog focuses on a topic or on several topics that are of interest to them. I’m sure you have heard the term “Content is King”. This applies strongly to websites and blogs.


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If you are thinking, “how am I going to get some good content to put on my blog?” Well there are several ways to do this. First choice, you can create your own content. This may take some time to do and is quite difficult for some. Another way is to borrow quality content from another source. There are many article and video directories like and Youtube that have hundreds of thousands of articles and videos from various topics. These sites allow you to borrow the content in their website to be posted on your blog for free. Voila! Instant quality content (note: make sure to read their simple guidelines on doing this)

Another reason why people visit blogs is because they want to express their own thoughts and opinions about their favorite topic. Blog readers don’t just like to read. They enjoy interacting with blog writers, authors and experts. Therefore, it is a good idea to consider building blogs that encourage reader participation.

The interacting component of blogs is what makes certain blogs more ‘sticky’ than others. People naturally are very interested to see what others have said in reply to their thoughts and opinions. Many will come back time and time again, even several times a day just to read and reply to comments others have made. This is what ultimately creates a lively and vibrant blog. You need to offer as many ways as possible for them to interact with your articles and your blog to make your blog more ‘sticky’.

What you can do to encourage reader participation is to allow others to comment on articles you have written, allow readers to contact you via email, allow them to post their articles for publication, and acknowledging their input by responding to their comments and opinions. Also, by having them openly communicate with you often, you will unsurprisingly build meaningful relationships with your readers that are priceless. Naturally, because of this bond, they would enjoy visiting your blog more compared to other blogs they don’t have a connection with.

Naturally, I have given you an overly simplified version of making your blogs more profitable. There are many more effective ways to increase overall readership of your blog. However, what I have given you so far is enough for you to get started. The key in getting traffic to your blog is to show your readers that you care, and you will see them come back over and over again.

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