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101 Ways To Monetize Your Blog Without Boring Your Readers

Written by admin on Saturday, August 6th, 2011

101 Ways To Monetize Your Blog Without Boring Your Readers


If you are a popular blogger or have some loyal followers then there is a good chance that your readers would like to show their support. Give them what they want and make some money by exploiting the merchandising possibilities.


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1. Put your blog’s logo on shirts, bags, coasters and other topics. You can then sell those items via your blog and elsewhere. This is also an effective marketing tool – each time one of your branded products is used or worn it is also simultaneously promoting your blog/business….

2. Self-published books: If readers like your Blog content, then you might want to provide something that they can buy, or even share with friends. Create a book using self-publishing services such as Lulu, and you can earn a profit without any major publishing contract.

3. Design and sell their products.

4. Content on paper: Creating a CD-ROM of  a “book” with content that can be accessed online but in an organized or more specialized manner. You can take things a step further and sell subscriptions for future upgrades to the book, or even  split it up  into separate courses….

5. Find products you can sell – such as PLR material – and sell them on your blog. You can even re-package them and or bundle products into packages (providing the license allows it – you will need to check licensing, as each product will vary).

Paid Content

Paid content is often a good money-making opportunity for bloggers who regularly offer useful information on their blog – especially if this information helps others make money. Like all methods of monetization, it’s all in the approach. Do not create misleading examples of content that requires a subscription in order to read in its entirety. Instead, devote special sections of premium content for readers who are willing to pay for the information.

6. E-books: Whether it’s a collection of your best tips or a completely new idea, an e-book is a good user-friendly way to package content.

7. White Paper: Similar to e-books, white papers are the smaller version and usually provide more technical content.

8. Phone calls: Sell one-to-one calls, advice and consultation with others.

9. Mini Guides: If you create a series of articles related to a particular subject it can be very useful to package it up in a mini-guide.

10. Guides: Gather information and tutorials and package them up. Even if you don’t actually sell them, they can be highly effective at attracting new traffic to your blog.

11.  Restrict Content for members only: You can restrict some or even all of your blogs content for paid members only. If you currently provide free access to all your published articles, or simply an ad-free content, always make sure you’re delivering a product that readers would be willing to pay for. Then, when you are ready to begin restricting some of your blogs content, you will find it much easier because your blog will already have a reputation for quality content.

12. TextMark Inc., charging readers for text message alerts about their content through TextMark.

13. X-Acto: line of physical events and generate revenue by charging admission, attracting sponsors and the sale of subscriptions to future events.

14. Podcast: Podcasts help attract new readers, and if you are good enough then some of them are likely to be willing to pay to download and listen to the podcasts in the future. You can also offer Premium, specialized podcasts which are only available by subscription, as well as your free podcasts.

15. Videos: Just like podcasts, videos are something that readers may be willing to pay for. You can also insert advertising into videos using a service such as “Long-Tail Ads” & similar services which provide pre-roll and post-roll video ads. A third method for monetizing your videos is to use them to  attract traffic or sales via video sharing sites such as YouTube.

Begging / Donations

It never hurts to be make some extra money with your blog to help pay for your hosting and other necessities. Ask your readers for donations – in a a polite way, of course – and if they really value your work, they will probably be willing to help support your continued success.

16. PayPal: PayPal system allows you to place a donation button to your blog.

17. Amazon Honor System: Amazon Honor System allows you to accept online donations.

18. Postal Donations: Of course, the postal mail works equally well. Offer readers a mailbox that they can send donations.

19. “Buy me a beer and coffee” donations: Asking for donations in the form of beer, coffee or any other specific goal allows readers to reward you with something concrete.

20. Amazon Wish List: Even if you do not have the money, asking readers to buy your Amazon Wish List items is a good way to avoid having to buy things for yourself. Once again, your generous readers will feel more rewarded when they know they gave you something tangible.


If you are an expert in your field you can use your blog as an opportunity to earn money. You can also use it to allow other bloggers or writers some benefits too, whilst at the same time increasing the value of content you are providing your readers.

21. Concerts Editorial:

22. Seminars and workshops: As an expert, you can invite readers to visit with you personally in seminars and workshops.

23. Bloggers for Hire: Get a blogger that will attract lots of traffic to your site. Whilst this costs money in the short-run, it could end up bringing in far more profits in the long term…..

24. Blogger Jobs: As bloggers for hire,  you connect to sites that have a need for a blogger.

25. Go off-line: Take your skills offline by writing as a columnist in a newspaper or magazine.

26. Guest posts: Use other bloggers as guest writers for a small fee or simply an alternative future / promotion of their talent or services.

27. Job Board: The job board industry leaders that readers can use to find jobs and other recruitment positions in your field. You will get a commission in return for displaying the job board on your site.

28. Create a radio station: With a radio station to offer podcasts, you can sell display ads for aspiring artists and even sell audio advertising.

29. Consulting: If you have found success as a blogger, you probably have a lot of knowledge. Become an independent consultant and get paid to share what you know.

30. Offer your services to other bloggers – If you have achieved some success with your blog, then maybe you can sell your services and expertise and help struggling blogs…..

31. Book: A number of popular bloggers have landed lucrative deals book.

32. Interviews: Go on radio or TV interviews.


Social Media Marketing Services -  100% Fully Managed for You! - Perfect for Busy Webmasters and Websites or Blogs That Need Social Media Marketing Presence Without Any Effort


The benefits, monetary or otherwise, of owning a blog extend well beyond the Internet, especially if you use an offline business. Take advantage of these benefits using the following methods.

33. Market your services: Your blog is a great forum for marketing your business or services. Promote your current campaigns, new products or special offers and other business building information.

34. Create a voice behind your business: A blog is a great way to grow your company in a personal dialogue. By presenting yourself or your company as a friendly authority, the company becomes more accessible.

35. Deepen customer relationships: more than a friendly voice, a blog can help you connect with your customers. Link to your blog, write about your interests and give your readers  special attention in your writing.



Social Media Marketing Services -  100% Fully Managed for You! - Perfect for Busy Webmasters and Websites or Blogs That Need Social Media Marketing Presence Without Any Effort

Ads are generally the bread and butter of bloggers. But they are also more likely to irritate readers. Maintain a good balance, focus on the relevance and make sure not to overload your blog with too many ads too. It goes without saying that you should absolutely not use all of these ad programs at once, either. Rather select a few and rotate them until you find what works best for your blog.

36. Start Publisher Network: Display ads targeted to your site via Yahoo! Publisher Network.

37. Distributors Inc.

38. Tribal Fusion: Tribal Fusion ad-based printing service focuses on targeting and optimization.

39. eXelate Targeting eXchange: This program is based on delayed ad cookie.

40. Clicksor Inc.: Clicksor focuses on contextual ads that can be presented in a variety of means, such as text, graphics and links online.

41. In fact, self-employment and post information to be paid.

42. Chitika eMiniMalls: Promote products in interactive kiosks and goods both to provide relevant content and comparative shopping for readers. You are paid per click.

43. AdSonar: Attract advertisers and build relationships with them individually through this platform.

44. ExpoActive: Get free ads for a specific style.

45. AdVolcano LLC:  Using the forum, you can design your ads, set your price and display advertisers.

46. eXelate Targeted Links: Choose the advertisers you want on your site with this program.

47. Set your own price and decide to choose advertisers.

48. Adify: Get the editorial control and the value of advertising on your site with Adify. You can even set your own prices.

49. AdBriteInc:. With AdBrite, you have the ability to accept or reject ads that appear on your blog, and you can even use it to sell directly to consumers.

50. These ads are highly customizable, and you can block any ad that you do not want to display on your blog.

51. Blogads: Exclusive network of bloggers, high quality, targeted advertising to your blog.

52. Casale Media Inc: Gain control of quality advertisers and Casale Media.

53. DoubleClick Inc. DoubleClick offers and differentiation of many solutions for publishers.

54. BlueLithium: Get great ad targeting selective partnerships and BlueLithium ad performance.


A more specialized method of advertising, RSS ads give bloggers a way to monetize their RSS feeds. Most readers typically react to RSS ads in the same way they do with regular, so be careful – if you stay relevant and limited, it should work fine.

55. Pheedo Inc.: This platform offers interactive advertising RSS triggers and video functions.

56. Feedvertising: Part of Text Link Ads, Feedvertising integrate ads into your RSS feed.

57. CrispAds: Ad network that can place ads directly on the labels so that they show in the site feed.

58. Feedburner Inc., Feedburner ads are embedded in RSS feeds, and attract high-quality advertisers such as Explorer Band, Best Buy and Comcast.

59. FeedM8: FeedM8 service to make your blog ready for mobile content and integrates the relevant mobile advertising.

Text Ads

Text ads are one of the easiest way to deliver classifieds ads that you can serve. Their small size and nature make text-based display ads less offensive and in your face. Try these services;

60. Vibrant Media: Vibrant Media ads in text and completely user driven.

61. Google AdSense: Google ads are the most popular and often most lucrative source of income for many bloggers. The ads relate to your content, and many blog readers expect them now, so you’re not likely to run into lots of negative feedback.

62. LinkAds: These text ads come with a lot of control.

63. Sell links on your site and maintain editorial control over what is displayed.

64. A monkey Inc: You can get text ads and earn a large percentage of sales with a monkey.

65. Kontera ContentLink: ContentLink provides relevant keywords in your content using hyperlinked content.

66. Text Link Ads: Text Link Ads “simple, non-intrusive ads are a good choice for many bloggers.

67. TAGword: Select your ads and set your price TAGword.

68. LinkAdage Auction: Selling text links on LinkAdage private auction.

69. LinkWords: LinkWords offers pay-per-click revenue from embedded content, and highlight the keywords that are related to advertisers.

70. Discreet little links, and a constant monthly payment which does not depend on the blogs traffic.

Sell your listings

Self-advertising is a method that overrides all others in terms of reader-friendliness. Selling your own ads, you get complete control and you are able to determine a method to display ads that readers respond better.

71. Individual advertisers: Your advertisers should be the ones that really interest your readers. Use  large ads, by respected players in their industry to get better results.

72nd. Actively sell advertising: to attract advertisers, and to let them know you are looking for them, place a link on your site that leads to an order form or information on your advertising prices etc. You can also be proactive and contact potential advertisers yourself, plus you can place ads seeking advertisers directly on  message boards or forums.

73. Create a Press Kit: Make it easy for advertisers to buy advertising space from you. Create a press kit that includes cost, details on ad sizing and formats allowed, demographics, traffic, testimonials and contact information.

74. Offer free ads: To get things started, look for competitive companies in your niche and give them free advertising for some time. This will help attract other companies interested in advertising with you, and you can also ask them for testimonials to use in your press releases or press kit etc..

Affiliate Programs

Affiliate programs offer a way to make some passive income on your blog. Select affiliate products or services which are also useful or interesting to your target niche market and you will have better success.

75. Amazon Associates; Amazon Associates earn up to 10 percent of commission for any sales.

76. Shop $ $ with Chitika cloud cloud store, you can add products popular in the format tag cloud.

77. WidgetBucks: Widgets offering quality products and a lot of customization.

78. LinkShare Corp., LinkShare affiliate program – with software companies like Apple Inc., Dell and Disney.

79. zanox: zanox Create an online store, select your products and earn a percentage of each sale.

80. uSuggest LLC readers suggest these products and get paid for it.

81. Chitika RPU: If you have a product discussed in a post, you can earn money by placing a link on the product at the end of your text.

82. Auction Ads LLC: Place relevant ads on your eBay auction site to make money.

83. Recommendation: If you’re a fan of a product or service, why not ask them to pay directly for a link on your site?

84. Commission Junction, Inc;  Wide range of products through Commission Junction, so you can always find something that interests you readers.

85. Chitika Linx: Chitika Linx identify the keywords in blog content.

86. Subscribe to this network and choose merchants that you want to promote.

87. ClickBank: ClickBank Through the program, you choose the products you want to promote.

88. iTunes Affiliates: Keep your readers informed of new releases and earn a commission by being an affiliate with iTunes.

Sponsored posts

Sponsored Post  often rubs readers the wrong way, usually because they are a blatant way of taking money, but not necessarily so. Use these methods and programs that allow you to choose carefully what you write. This will allow you to keep the products and services related to your readers.

89. ReviewMe: ReviewMe choose your message and earn up to $ 200 each.

90. PayPerPost, Inc.: Use PayPerPost to make money writing for sites, products and services that are supported.

91. Register for this program and get the average salary, and steady work.

92. Car Reviews Best-Paid: Paid With paid comments, the key is to be selective. You must not accept any offer that comes to you and if you have nothing nice to say about the product or service then it’s best to leave it for someone else – that way your readers will know that you do not blindly support the highest bidder.


94. Blogsvertise: When you get a job at Blogsvertise, you just put three links in a blog. It is a great way to advertise:  natural and discreet.

95. Smorty: Smorty Select themes and get paid weekly.

96. Search Books: Another way to get some of your blog through exams is to take in books. You get it for free while providing a valuable service to its readers.


These are just a few more ways you can monetize your blog.

97. Sell your blog: If you put a lot of work in your blog, and it has great stats,then perhaps you might like to sell it – you can always create another one and the money you make could help you create something even better…..

98. Host your photos for this service and get paid according to the number of views they get. This means that you can publish your blog and get paid every time someone reads the post with pictures of someone using it.

99. Scoopt Words: Selling the contents of the mainstream media with Scoopt.

100. Use your blog to create a mailing list: If you sell or promote products, you can use your blog to generate a mailing list of people interested in buying from you. Then you can use that mailing list to market goods or services (such as Affiliate Programs, or even your own products or services…). It is also an effective way to entice your readers back to your blog each month……

101. Vizu Answers Corp.: host polls on your website or blog. Visitors enjoy sharing their opinions, and you earn extra money.


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