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Starting Your Own Blogging Business

Written by admin on Sunday, January 23rd, 2011

starting your own blogging business
starting your own blogging business

7 Ways to Sabotage Your Blogging Business

The blogging business is something you should enter into only if you have a sincere passion for what you blog about. When blogging to make money it is expected that your content will be top quality in order to attract and retain the typical blog reader. Not only does the content need to be good but it also needs to be fresh. Constant updating will require the site owner to be doing quite a bit of blog posting and this will take commitment.


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If your goal is to become one of the most popular blogs within your niche these efforts will have to be maintained over an extended period of time to achieve this goal. Success does not come overnight!

With all this said it is therefore prudent not to engage in actions or develop habits that may sabotage your other efforts

Here are 7 common ‘bad habits’ that many who are blogging to make money may inadvertently develop resulting in a negative impact on their income.

Stealing Content

Plagiarizing in school was frown upon and for good reason. Passing somebody’s work off as you own is unethical and unoriginal. People visit different blogs to gather varying perspectives not to look at the same identical content under a different name. In addition this will only hurt your SEO efforts by being penalized for duplicate content.

Only Blogging for Money

Maintaining a mindset that your singular purpose for blogging is to make money will eventually inhibit your efforts to be successful. Readers will detect that their interests are not your primary concern and the result will be reflected in the numbers that unsubscribe from your blog.

Blogging to make money is all well and good but you must realize that the financial rewards results only after serving your readers.

Subscribers develop a ‘giving back’ mindset after they have been treated well and this is when they make purchases from you. If you are not focused on their needs they will not reciprocate by spending any money with you.

Losing Focus

Your blog was started under the intent of focusing on a particular subject and the blog reader is attracted to this ‘type’ of information. When you drift away from your theme with content unrelated to the original subject you confuse and frustrate your readers. After a while they will unsubscribe altogether leaving you with a blog that has no direction or subscribers.

Stay on point!

Infrequent Updates

Both readers and search engines enjoy and appreciate the fact most blogs are frequently updated with new content. This is what makes blogs the darlings of the web 2.0 era. By consistently neglecting to update your site with new information the site will grow ‘stale’ and both readers and search engines have no reason to visit. The result will be a drop in subscribers and search engine rank.

Hiding Your Personality

The uniqueness of every site originates from the personality or perspective of the site owner in their blog posting. This is a major contributing factor that makes your site stand apart from the rest. By being ‘shy’ with your opinions or perspectives you are ‘cheating’ your readers of your insight while also ‘cheating’ yourself of the benefits you derive from your own uniqueness.

Overly Concerned About SEO

On a blog you can pretty much take the attitude to heck with the search engines insofar as how you ‘deliver’ your updates. Your main concern is winning the appeal of the blog reader and the result will be more traffic which will then empower your standings with search engines anyway.

Ignoring Comments

By failing to acknowledge comments from any blog reader that may call for a response you are in essence sending the message that their input is not important. The interactivity at a blog is another reason readers subscribe. They want to be a part of something and you are not allowing that if you ignore their comments.

The blogging business can be very rewarding in many ways for the site owner however it does take a commitment of time and effort. The primary focus is to satisfy the blog reader and this requires developing continuous quality content. For many site owners blog posting can become a daily ritual and often this is required if becoming one of the most popular blogs in your niche is the goal. By recognizing some of the more damaging bad habits any blogger can easily develop as we spoke of above it now becomes possible to avoid them. After all the time and effort invested in the maintenance of your blog it would be a shame to sabotage your results due to needless neglect and oversights.

Mum’s and Nana’s out there how did you get started in your own business on line?

I’m wanting to find out about a how to business do on line, what you started with I have very minimal money to start off with I’m not a knitter or sewer.Not really interested in ebay,very not much or selling on the phone or door to door or so diet,or mircale powders or pay to join a company to type etc. How did you do start your business ? I don’t under stand blogging, I’d like too. Thankyou

Man I hate how all the scammers just flock to people who ask this…
go to the forums under telecommuting moms at
sooo many jobs there all legit all free

also 1800flowers is currently hiring cust service (at home) it pays abt $10 an hour depending on where u live


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and is similar…its the inbound calls for infomercials (no sales, the people are calling because they want to order whatever they just saw on tv or ask a question about it)…pays $10.20 an hour

NEVER EVER PAY A CENT FOR INFO TO WORK AT HOME email me if you need help
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